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Calcium Supplement
Pet's Friend - Natural Pet's Supplements for a Raw food diet
A High Potency Calcium Supplements For Pets 

Calcium Supplements For Pets

Eggshellent Calcium Powder is a high potency calcium supplement. It is 100% eggshell, one of nature’s pure stand most absorb-able forms of calcium, and comes from a natural, sustainable source. Eggshellent combines ultra-pure calcium with inherent transport proteins for maximum absorption and essential trace minerals for increased bone building support. It’s high calcium content and superior bio-availability provide
significant advantages over other bone health ingredients.

Eggshellent Calcium powder provides approximately 1900 mg of calcium per teaspoon. There are no fillers or additives. The shells are pasteurized then ground in a chemical free process to an ultra fine powder to maximize absorption. The crystalline matrix of eggshell calcium carbonate provides more surface area for digestion than calcium carbonate from inorganic sources. This product is free of concerns about mad cow disease associated with bone meal.
A Natural Choice for bone health

*The single most important supplement when feeding a wholesome raw
food diet. Raw meat is high in phosphorus and low in calcium. Eggshellent
helps to rebalance the calcium to phosphorus ratio.

*Multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of eggshell in supporting
bone mineral density.

*Natural ultra-refined eggshell calcium avoids typical digestive discomfort.

*Non-chemical, eco-friendly manufacturing process in an FDA regulated
GMP facility.

Generally, one teaspoon will provide calcium to balance one pound
of muscle meat. The required amount can vary depending on other
ingredients. Follow a reliable recipe or ask your pet health practitioner.

Ingredient's: 100% Eggshell Powder
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