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Multi Glandular & Organs Concentrated
Pet G.O. Powder 
Pet G.O. Wafers Healthy Treat
From Free Range Argentinian Bovine & Porcine Glandulars
Pet's Friend - Natural Pet's Supplements for a Raw food diet
Pet G.O. Powder 
Pet G.O. Wafers Healthy Treat
Multi Glandular & Organs Concentrated
Domestic dogs and cats have existed for thousands of years, yet they have been eating processed foods for only a few decades. They did better on natural, fresh foods. Wild carnivores eat meat, bones, intestinal contents and internal organs and glands, such as liver, spleen, kidneys, brain, adrenals, etc. Organ tissues contain a variety of vital nutrients and tissue factors. The digestive tract of most prey animals contains partially digested vegetables, seeds, digestive enzymes and digestive bacteria.
Nutrient rich glands and organs are superb foods for dogs, cats and ferrets. They are a vital part of a natural carnivore diet This "physiological" strategy is based on the idea that when another human or animal consumes the gland or organ tissue concentrates, these healthy, intact components can supply his organs and glands with the building blocks they may need.
Pet's Friends Multi glandular concentrates is a formula consisting in 15 different gland and organ concentrates from Argentinian range-grazed animals.
Government inspected The glandular material, which is a byproduct of the grass-fed meat industry, is immediately frozen and then vacuum-dried to maintain its biological activity.
Pet's Friends glandular concentrates are from
Argentinian range-grazed animals.
No Additives
No hormones
No Pesticides are used
It is an excellent supplement you can give your pets on a daily basis. Yummy taste. Can be used as a treat.

The whole raw bovine and porcine tissues used in Pet GO are low–temperature
processed to preserve naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, nucleotides,
lipoproteins and all other cell components. All wafers are made in a base of raw liver
and bone meal.

This supplement can be frozen when preparing food in advance.
For More Information about Glandular Therapy see here 
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