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Beef Bone Broth Powder for Dogs and Cats 8 oz (227 gm)

Beef Bone Broth Powder for Dogs and Cats 8 oz (227 gm)

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  • Essential Anti-Aging Proteins – This premium bone broth protein powder is rich in collagen peptides that help fortify strong bones, teeth, skin, coat, and joint health to keep your dog active and happy.
  • Natural and Grass Fed Free Range Ingredients – Sourced from human-grade New Zealand cows that are grass fed and free range our collagen beef bone broth powder for cats and dogs is safe, effective, and supports a wide range of dietary needs.
  • Quick Mixable Powder Supplement – This bone broth collagen powder can be mixed in with wet or dry foods, sprinkled over treats, or added to their water bowl to help fortify their daily vitamin and mineral requirements.
  • Rich, Delicious Flavor – A great-tasting flavor in every bite our collagen peptides powder is a smart choice for even the most finicky puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs of all ages. Get it today and see for yourself!
  • Holistic Veterinarian Recomended – Our high-quality grass fed free range bone broth was carefully crafted by a certified veterinarian to ensure it provides your pet with the right nutrition every day. Contact us with any questions for fast support.







  • Product Information

    We created Gentle Blends Pet's Friend Bone Broth Powder with collagen peptides and proteins to help supplement your dog or cat’s daily health with much-needed vitamins good for their eyes, coat, skin, muscles, joints, and more. And because it comes from only the highest-quality, all-natural source, you can trust that it’s free of harsh additives or unhealthy chemicals. Product Details: Bone Broth Powder (8 oz.) Collagen Peptides Essential Proteins and Nutrients Supports Dogs and Cats of All Ages Gentle on Sensitive Tummies Great-Tasting Flavor Lip-Smacking Tasty Treat Offering the genuine taste of this bone broth powder is easy to sprinkle over food or treats. And it’s so good they’ll definitely know you gave them something special. High-Quality Freshness Each batch is made to order and comes in a special container that is carefully sealed before shipping to ensure it arrives fresh and stays fresh until it’s gone. Crafted for Today’s Pets Here at Pet's Friends we make products and supplements for our four-legged friends because just like you we love animals. That’s why our bone broth and other holistic treats are formulated by a licensed veterinarian, contain only all-natural or grass fed free range ingredients, and support cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Support Functional Health A simple scoop of our premium-grade collagen peptides bone broth can supply your pet with the right anti-aging support they need to stay active. In fact, the proteins and collagen in our broth helps fortify joints, muscles, skin and coat health to keep them looking and feeling young inside and out. Gentle on Sensitive Tummies We understand that some dogs and cats have sensitive stomachs, especially when it comes to their food. That’s why our all-natural and grass fed free range formula is safe, effective, and easy on those digestive tracts. Just Add Water Along with sprinkling it over wet or dry food or treats our powder can be added to a bowl of water and mixed in.



    Ingredients : Dehydrated Beef Bone Broth


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