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Holistic FURst Aid Kit

Traumeel/T-Relief/Traulevium: ANY injury, acute inflammation. Drops, tablets.

Dissolve one tablet or ten drops in one tablespoon water. Start by giving five to ten drops every 15 – 20 minutes. After two – three hours, pain/inflammation should start to improve. Reduce frequency slowly e.g. every 30 minutes for two – three doses, then every hour for two – three doses, etc. until doses are eight hours apart. Continue three times/day until normal for three days.

Colloidal silver: For any skin injury, ulceration, etc. Available in topical gels, sprays.

Apply two – three times/day until healing is complete.

Yunnan Baiyo: Chinese herb formula for bleeding, internal or external.

If bleeding is severe, give red round pill located in center of blister pack, hidden behind foil. After 30 minutes, start capsules (one for pets under 40 lbs. two for pets over.) If not severe, start with capsules. Give as per label recommendations for frequency of dose.

Laser pointer, red, green, violet: "Acupuncture" without needles. Wounds, ulcers, etc.

Two common ways to use laser are treating acupuncture points and 'painting' an injured area. Acupuncture point recommendations are available online for various conditions. Treat each point for one – two minutes. For skin injuries/ulcers, etc., sweep the laser over the entire area for several minutes. Repeat these treatments every few hours.

Activated carbon/charcoal capsules: Treatment for oral poisoning.

For pets over 50 lbs., give as per label. For pets under 50 lbs., give one half label dose.

Sterile saline eye wash: Flushing eyes or any other inflamed or injured area.

Use as needed to flush irritated eyes or other tissues. Use as often as needed.

Eyebright tea bags: Making eyebright tea for any eye irritation.

Make tea with one tea bag, ¼ teaspoon sea salt, eight ounces water. When tea cools, remove tea bag and use as compress for eye irritations.

Quikclot/Celox: Powder, sponges, gauze for serious bleeding

Follow directions on package. Seek veterinary assistance.

Yarrow powder: Minor bleeding

Apply powder to wound and apply pressure until bleeding stops.

Rescue Remedy: Drops for FEAR/SHOCK.

Rub one – two drops in each of the following areas: under nose, on gums, inside ears. Repeat when aroma fades. Continue until pet improves.

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