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Benefits of digestive enzymes, probiotics, Pancreatin, and grass fed liver?

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes function to break down nutrients that dogs and cats eat. Large and complex molecules like starches, proteins, cellulose, and fats need to be broken down into simple, smaller, and usable substances in order to be effectively utilized by the gastrointestinal tract. Digestive enzymes do just that! Different types of enzymes specialize in different types of nutrients. For example, papain, protease, and bromelain break down proteins into smaller units amino acids. Lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids. Amylase breaks down starches into absorbable sugars.

By adding a supplemental source of digestive enzymes, you can help your pet fully utilize the food it takes in. If a carnivore is receiving plant-based proteins as its primary protein source (i.e., if a dog's diet consists of food with ingredients similar to the above), he may not have enough cellulose or amylase to utilize the nutrition fully. For this dog, a digestive supplement that includes digestive enzymes is especially important.


Pancreatin, also known as Pancreatin systemic, is a digestive enzyme supplement that contains several different types of enzymes. These enzymes are usually produced in the pancreas. Pancreatin primarily functions to break down food and convert it into energy. The supplement comprises a commercial mixture of protease to digest proteins, amylase to digest starch, and lipase to digest fat. Pancreatin also promotes weight gain, maintains a healthy weight, and promotes essential vitamins and minerals absorption.


Probiotics are live microorganisms that project a health benefit on the pet. More specifically, they are bacteria that are beneficial for the digestive system. They're quantified by colony-forming units (CFUs), a term that describes the viability of the probiotic based on its ability to reproduce and form a colony. For reference, a good probiotic supplement for a 50lb dog should have at least 10 billion CFUs per dose.

Why a combination of digestive enzymes, probiotics, Pancreatin, and grass fed liver is especially good and beneficial.

Supplements can assist in balancing the gastrointestinal tract and promoting healthy digestive function. Pets live in a toxic world. They pick up toxins from food, from water, from the grass, and from the ground. In addition to the animal's daily diet and stress levels, these toxins have a strong impact on the digestive and elimination system. So regardless of what you feed them, your pet may still run into digestive issues on occasion. It's always nice to be prepared for these GI upsets with a natural supplement.


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