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Importance of a natural carnivore diet for pets

A natural carnivore diet for pets contains whole ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and meat. These whole ingredients are what will boost your pet's nutrient concentration. Research has it that the strength of a pet's immune system, its quality of life, and its resistance to diseases all depend on the type of food they eat. According to physiology, cats and dogs are carnivores. They have a short digestive system designed to digest food quickly and are equipped with natural chemicals and digestive enzymes needed to digest specific foods.

But being a carnivore doesn't mean that they should eat an all-meat diet. In fact, Cats and dogs have evolved to derive their nutrients mainly from eating other animals, including those animals' bones, muscle meat, organs, and stomach contents, all raw. The benefit of feeding your dogs or cats a natural carnivore diet include; healthy eyes and ears, stronger parasitic and disease resistance, healthy skin and coat, and elimination of bad body odor and breath.

Why is eggshell powder a great source of nutrients for cats and dogs?

Eggshell powder is suitable for the regular supply of natural calcium to a pet's diet. Eggshell powder is ideal to compensate for the high phosphorus content of meat, especially for cats and dogs that do not tolerate eating bones or those that are free-range. Furthermore, Eggshell powder is a high-quality product that contains no synthetic substances and is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Eggshell powder has a high bioavailability to provide your pets with valuable nutrients, thanks to its fine grinding. In other words, Eggshell powder contains only ground eggshells rich in minerals. These eggshells are a proven natural source of calcium and can significantly support bone health. It's high time we respect the dietary needs of our cats and dogs and ensure an enhanced quality of life.


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